Horses now available for adoption

Horses now available for adoption

In April 1 this year (2016), the RSPCA WA conducted a large scale rescue operation involving fifty six malnourished horses including stallions, pregnant mares and foals. Fourteen of these horses, in the most severe condition, were transported back to the RSPCA Animal Care Centre in Malaga. The stallions were sent to the Gingin vet. 

The complex rescue operation was carried out with support from veterinary clinics as well as professional horse handlers and trainers. Many of these horses were found dehydrated and so malnourished that their hip bones, spines and ribs are clearly visible and some seemed incapacitated to the extent of being immobile.

Since then, our main priority has been to treat and rehabilitate these horses which required intensive veterinary care and a careful feeding program with very close monitoring given the conditions they came in. 

They continue to undergo close care, training and rehabilitation and are responding really well. 

With more horses set to arrive next week, we are now just getting prepared for the adoption process of these horses which will take some time assessing horse compatibility with potential new owners who have suitable equine experience.

Expressions of interest are sought from those interested in adopting with further details outlined in the Expression of Interest Forms (EOI) below. If you are an experienced horse owner and can offer a loving home we encourage you to fill the EOI and send back to

Expression of Interest Electronic Form

Expression of Interest Print Form

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