Dennis does Parliament

Dennis does Parliament

On May 7, WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan announced a new policy to stop puppy farming.

He said at the time: "We do have people who breed dogs in appalling conditions, we do have in-breeding of dogs and we have people buying dogs from puppy farms not knowing they're doing so.

"Clearly we're being left behind by other states who have cracked down on these issues."

Puppy farm bred boy Dennis Barks heard about this announcement and made sure he met Mark McGowan at the RSPCA WA’s major fundraising event Million Paws Walk a few weeks later.

Dennis told Mr McGowan that from his personal experience, the policy was on the right track.

Keen to hear more about Dennis’ firsthand experience of being born and raised in a puppy farm, Mr McGowan invited Dennis to Parliament House for a meeting.

Dennis was keen to tell the WA Labor leader about it all but had to make an entrance not so grand via the front steps but using the special ramp for dogs with disabilities.

“Like many dogs bred in a puppy factory, I look real handsome but I’ve got hidden issues – like deformed hips that can’t be fixed,” growled Dennis.

Dennis took a written message to Mr McGowan that was kindly typed for him by his owner Lynne Bradshaw, RSPCA WA President. Lynne adopted Dennis when he and his family were rescued by the RSPCA Inspectors.

“I might not have made first dog on the moon but I’d be the first puppy farm boy to get an invite to Parliament House,” Dennis tweeted via @dennisbarksat #endpuppyfarms



  • Catherine Campbell:

    27 Jun 2016 21:14:09

    Anyone who can shut down puppy farming gets my vote

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