Eighteen puppies and seven adult dogs were transported to the RSPCA WA Animal Care Centre at Malaga today. 

The dogs have been surrendered to the RSPCA as a result of irresponsible backyard breeding from a suburban home located in the southern suburbs of Perth. 

RSPCA WA Chief Inspector Amanda Swift commented: “In this situation the owners have not sterilised their dogs and have found themselves in an out of control situation with a large number of unwanted puppies.  The owners could not manage and have done the responsible thing and called for help.

“This does highlight the challenges inspectors face on a daily basis where, because of irresponsible breeding, many end up neglected and a case for RSPCA either now or sometime in the future.

“Thankfully for these animals, they will receive the care and medical treatment they need by RSPCA which most importantly includes being sterilised so the cycle of breeding can be stopped in this case.”

RSPCA WA CEO David van Ooran said “Our main priority is to care, rehabilitate, sterilise and eventually rehome this large group of dogs, however we reiterate the urgency and importance of new legislation to stop irresponsible backyard breeding which results in a raft of welfare issues and the oversupply of dogs.

“RSPCA WA has been advocating for many years on this.  It is urgent for legislation to be adopted that would see key actions such as mandatory registration of breeders, mandatory de-sexing of all dogs and ensuring pet shops may only sell dogs from registered breeders or reputable rescue organisations.  All are effective measures in significantly reducing the number of unwanted dogs and, as a result, minimising cruelty from neglect and abandonment.”

“WA Labor has announced a policy to address the issue of irresponsible dog breeding and puppy farming and we are currently in discussions with the state government in the hope that they will also agree to this much needed legislation.”

RSPCA WA relies on donations and community support to generate more than 90% of the funds required to sustain its animal protection work.  To donate, please call 9209 9340 or visit www.rspcawa.asn.au

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One of the adult dogs being comforted by an inspector


  • Daniela Veneziano:

    09 Aug 2016 19:20:51

    Very interested in adopting one of the rescued dogs from today’s rescue. We have a big back yard and also have two kids aged 3 and 5.

  • michelle Bristow:

    09 Aug 2016 19:28:45

    Hi are the puppies for sale. Thanks

  • Kerry Shea:

    09 Aug 2016 20:10:57

    Could you please tell us how we can register to adopt one of the 18 puppies that were transport to Malaga RSPCA. Thank you. Kerry

  • Sikeli Jove:

    09 Aug 2016 20:45:51

    We would like to adopt a male puppy.
    04xx xxx xxx

  • Brendan Oates:

    09 Aug 2016 21:05:08

    I would love to get a little tan boy!! How and when can I grab one. My number is 04xx xxx xxx please get in contact with me

  • Sarah:

    09 Aug 2016 21:12:11

    I can’t believe those poor dogs and puppies. Such a shame. Our family are considering getting a dog but can’t decide on a rescue or new puppy. These poor puppies look like they need a loving home. I will have to discuss with my husband but can you let me have more information about these puppies. What breed will they be good with young children. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully can help

  • Kerry martin:

    10 Aug 2016 11:43:03

    Would you have any German Shepard pups that need a home I’m looking for a German Shepard pup we already have a 2 year old girl but am looking for another one must be a puppy please. If you do could you please let me know and how much thank you

  • Lisa wackett:

    10 Aug 2016 13:24:53

    Hi, just enquiring about these pups. You dont say what breed they are? They are incredibly cute and my partner and i would be interested if there is any left for adoption. We would like to know breed before making any further decisions though.


  • Mark New:

    10 Aug 2016 13:26:14

    Hi RSPCA my heart is breaking for these dogs and I want to give a forever home to one of them or even Mum, my little man Hoppy The Dog and I are wondering whats the cost and how do we do this

  • Gemma Lee:

    10 Aug 2016 16:30:23

    My parter Cody and I would love to have the opportunity to adopt one of these puppy’s/dogs. Please contact me for details.


  • sylvia:

    10 Aug 2016 18:22:12

    Hi I am just wondering if these dogs Would be up for adoption and What is the process if I would like to have one.. thanks kindly

  • Maureen Batchelor:

    10 Aug 2016 18:29:44

    Will these puppies be put up for adoption?


    10 Aug 2016 19:25:21

    Are the recued puppies going to be available soon?

  • Michele:

    10 Aug 2016 21:24:54

    I am a proud rspca supporter, I’m glad these puppies have been surrendered. I am happy to give one of the puppies a loving home if you are looking for new homes for them.

    Love and respect for all the rspca do.

    Regards Michele

  • Roslyn De Britt:

    11 Aug 2016 09:39:17

    I would like to know what breed the puppies are. When will they be rehomed?. As I live in Wagga Wagga NSW. And I am looking for a puppy,

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