Today is World Animal Day, a global awareness day aimed at raising the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards across the World.

But for Clara the cat, a long-term resident at RSPCA WA’s Animal Care Centre in Malaga, it’s just another day - her three hundred and sixth (306th) day in the shelter; as she continues to wait for someone to give her a chance, and a loving new home.

RSPCA WA is using this special day in the animal events calendar to launch Clara’s Countdown – an adoption drive to find Clara a home before she reaches a one-year shelter anniversary, in 60 days’ time.

Jessica Moore-Jones, Executive Manager, Animal Operations at RSPCA WA said, “Clara’s well known amongst our staff and volunteers, everybody’s hoping and waiting for the day that someone finally takes her home.

“The majority of people who come into our shelter overlook Clara as she’s initially very shy and evasive, so she needs someone who won’t expect her to be this cuddly little cat straight from day one. 

“She needs someone who will  understand her need for space in the early days, someone who’s willing to be patient and wait for her to warm to them, which I am certain she will if someone would just give her a chance,” Ms Moore-Jones added.

Ms Moore-Jones is also concerned about the upcoming kitten season, fearing that Clara will continue to be pushed to the back of the queue with the intake of kittens in the coming months.

“Most people looking for a pet cat would prefer a cute and playful kitten to an older, more cautious cat.  Clara’s only three years old but I am worried that any kittens that come into our care will be adopted quickly, and Clara will be left behind yet again,” she said.

Clara, whose name was changed from Clarice several months ago in an attempt to make her more appealing to potential owners, went through a similar situation last year – watching her own kittens be adopted whilst in the care of a local vet, before being handed over to RSPCA WA after they were unable to find a home for her after her kittens had gone.

Cecile Ashen-Young, Behaviour Services Coordinator at RSPCA WA says Clara is most probably depressed, having spent so much time in the shelter.

“Cats are curious animals, they like to explore and they’re very home-oriented. Living in a shelter is a difficult adjustment for them” said Ms Ashen-Young.

“While we’re fortunate to have great staff and volunteers here who take the time to socialise and interact with the cats, we can see with Clara that it’s not enough.  She prefers to stay in her condo and doesn’t crave human touch like other cats, it’s like she’s given up hope,” she added.

Clara is patiently waiting for her adoptive family at the Animal Care Centre in Malaga open every day between 10am and 5pm. Her adoption fee has been reduced to $50 due to her ‘long-termer’ status and she is vaccinated, desexed, and flea and worm treated.  As Clara has previously had the feline disease calicivirus, she must be adopted to a home where she is the only cat in the household.

“The best anniversary Clara could have is not having one at all.  We know there is someone out there for her, we just need extra help to find them.  Giving Clara a home - or helping her to find a home - will be very rewarding” said Ms Moore-Jones.

You can help Clara forget her anniversary and find a new home instead by sharing the Clara’s Countdown post from the RSPCA WA Facebook page with the hashtag #icareaboutclara.

Media contact: Hannah Mattock, Media & Communications Coordinator, RSPCA WA, (08) 9209 9327 or

For more information about World Animal Day on Tuesday 4 October, visit

Clara’s profile is available here on the adoptapet website.



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