Animal Welfare Matters in the 2017 WA State Election

Animal Welfare Matters in the 2017 WA State Election

Most West Australians care about the welfare of animals. Independent public opinion surveys have proven this many times.

And, here at RSPCA WA, we know that over 80% of WA people say our work is integral to the welfare of animals throughout the State.

You value animal welfare and the role of our organisation in caring for animals in need and it’s vitally important that all political candidates contesting the WA State election on 11 March 2017 also know that you care. 

It’s also important that all the candidates are aware of the main issues affecting animal welfare in WA and about what additional support RSPCA WA needs to help the ever increasing number of animals that need our help because they are abused, neglected or abandoned.

We sent our Animal Welfare Matters in the 2017 WA State Election document to the major political parties late last year. It outlines five key areas where we believe a commitment from whoever wins government will bring significant welfare improvements to the lives of many animals throughout WA. This will be achieved either through preventing situations leading to animal cruelty or by providing better support for RSPCA WA to do our work.

The five key areas are –

  • Delivering regional equity in animal welfare by expanding the number of RSPCA WA’s animal welfare officers in regional areas
  • Investing in animal care and rehabilitation by funding an animal care centre in Perth’s southern corridor to complement the RSPCA WA’s Malaga Shelter, which is often full to capacity
  • Addressing puppy farming and irresponsible dog breeding by introducing a range of amendments to the WA Dog Act 1976 which urgently needs updating
  • Delivering leadership and driving innovation in animal welfare through support for a range of strategies that would lead to better lives for many animals throughout WA
  • Supporting people in violent domestic situations by creating a pathway for them to find a safe haven for their treasured pets as well as for themselves and other family members.

We would like to share with you the responses we have received and the commitments made so far by the political parties we have contacted.

Click here to view the WA Liberal Party's pre-election promise.

Click here to view the WA Labor Party's pre-election promise.

Click here to view the WA Greens Party's pre-election promise.

Click here to view the WA Daylight Savings Party's pre-election promise.


Keep watching this page to make sure you stay informed and use your vote to make sure animal welfare matters in the WA 2017 State Election.

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