RSPCA WA is hosting a doggy speed dating event in Perth city on Valentine’s Day to help its dogs find the love of their lives. 

From 12pm – 2pm on Valentine’s Day, city workers and shoppers can head down to Stirling Gardens on St George’s Terrace to meet a selection of RSPCA dogs who are ready to settle down and start the next chapter in their life. 

Those interested in getting to know some of RSPCA WA’s dogs are invited to take them for a stroll through the park, with RSPCA WA staff and volunteers on-hand to share each dog’s story, talk about its personality, and discuss the qualities it is seeking in a life partner.

If sparks should fly, a second date at RSPCA WA’s Animal Care Centre in Malaga can be arranged, with the opportunity to formalise a new relationship through adoption once the dog has met the rest of the family.

People who aren’t yet ready for a long-term commitment are still invited to drop by for a casual flirt.

RSPCA WA’s Executive Manager Animal Services, Dr Jess Moore-Jones is hopeful that the event will lead to the adoption of some of the dogs in RSPCA WA’s care, with a handful of dogs needing a leg up to find their happy-ever-after.

“While the event will be a bit of fun, for both the public and our dogs; its purpose is really to help our dogs find the loving homes they deserve,” said Dr Moore-Jones.

“We always encourage people to ‘adopt, don’t shop’, and to give homeless, neglected and abandoned animals another chance in life. By showcasing the large variety of dogs that come through a rescue organisation we’re hoping to encourage more people adopt an animal when they’re ready to welcome a new pet into their family,” Dr Moore-Jones added.

“It can be challenging to find a home for some dogs that don’t present well in a kennel environment. Some hide, others bark, so it’s difficult to see their real personality. By bringing them out and into a park, people will better see their true nature and quickly fall in love, and what better day to do that than Valentine’s Day!” Dr Moore-Jones continued.

“If people just want to come by for a stroll and a smooch, that’s absolutely fine; our dogs will love the attention!” Dr Moore-Jones finished.

A food vendor will be at the event so busy workers can get lunch and enjoy doggy cuddles at the same time.

Click here to download the poster or our flyers.

Event details:

12pm – 2pm, Tuesday 14 February 2017
Stirling Gardens, St George’s Terrace



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