A Win for Animal Welfare in Kangaroo Cruelty Case

A Win for Animal Welfare in Kangaroo Cruelty Case

RSPCA WA is pleased with the sentences handed down yesterday for the violent bashing death of a kangaroo by two men in 2015, the vision of which is both sickening, and disturbing.

This kangaroo will have clearly suffered significantly as a result of this deliberate and malicious attack, and such crimes against animals warrant strict punishments to send a clear message to the community that cruelty towards animals is not acceptable.

We know that many West Australians feel very strongly about cruelty to animals and we believe the sentences handed down in this case are a reflection of the community’s expectations regarding appropriate punishment for acts of animal cruelty.

This decision is a good outcome for wildlife, and demonstrates that all animals deserve equal treatment and protection.

RSPCA WA acknowledges the great work by Western Australia Police in relation to this incident.


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