On Monday 8 May, RSPCA WA will launch the biggest appeal of its 125 year history, asking every household in Western Australia to help put more Animal Welfare Inspectors on WA roads. 

Aptly named ‘20for20’ – the appeal will call on every West Australian to chip in $20 to increase the number of RSPCA Inspectors across the State to twenty; almost double the current number of Inspectors covering the whole of WA.

RSPCA WA Chief Inspector, Amanda Swift, is heading up the appeal; urging the people of Western Australia to come together to achieve this necessary goal.

“Western Australia is the largest State in the country, but we currently have just 11 Inspectors out on our roads investigating more than 6,300 cruelty reports on average each year,” Ms Swift said.

“We know that we can’t cover the whole of Western Australia with only 11 Inspectors, and too often we attend call-outs but we’re just too late. Those instances are very distressing; particularly for the attending Inspector, but it’s the sad reality of the challenges we face at present,” Ms Swift added.

“If we can raise enough money with the generous support of the WA community, we can put more Inspectors on the road, and subsequently rescue more animals from cruelty and neglect. 

“We need everybody to give $20 to put 20 Inspectors on the road. We should never be too far away. No animal should ever have to perish alone,” Ms Swift said.

To demonstrate the RSPCA’s fight against animal cruelty in Western Australia, and to help the people of WA understand the very real challenges faced by RSPCA WA’s Inspectorate, several confronting and severe cases of cruelty and neglect are being shared with the public. For most people, this will be difficult to digest, but for our Inspectors, it’s the disturbing reality they face all too often.

“While it’s not our intention to upset people with this appeal, we do need them to wake up to what is happening around our State each and every day, because together they do have the power to make this stop,” Ms Swift explained.

“Some of the cases we’re sharing will make people sad and they will make people angry, but it’s an uncomfortable truth that needs to be addressed,” Ms Swift continued.

“We know that the majority of West Australians feel very strongly about animal cruelty, but to end animal cruelty we need everyone to feel strongly about it, and everyone to take action,” Ms Swift concluded.

Did you know…
  • RSPCA WA Inspectors are responsible for enforcing the Animal Welfare Act (2002) in Western Australia. This includes responding to and investigating reports of animal cruelty, issuing direction notices to animal owners or compiling evidence for prosecutions, and attending court hearings. They also attend events such as Community Action Days to educate the community on responsible pet ownership.
  • There are currently seven Inspectors covering the Perth Metro area, and four regional Inspectors located in Bunbury, Geraldton, Albany and Kalgoorlie.
  • If RSPCA WA Inspectors were responsible for covering an equal amount of land area, each Inspector would be responsible for an area the size of Victoria (237,629 km squared). 
  • RSPCA WA receives $500,000 in funding from the WA Government each financial year allocated to the Inspectorate and Community Education programs.
  • RSPCA WA must self-generate more than 90% of the funds required to sustain its animal protection work. 
  • To donate to the 20for20 appeal, visit
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