Armadale Magistrates Court sentenced a woman on Friday for cruelty to her two dogs, following her failure to adhere to direction notices issued by RSPCA WA Inspectors in July 2016.

Tamahne Ketchup, 29, of Medina was fined $4000 plus costs, and prohibited from being in charge of any dog for three years, for two charges of animal cruelty to her Shar Pei dogs, Marna and Parley. 

 An RSPCA Inspector responded to a cruelty complaint reported by a concerned member of the public and found that the dogs were in very poor condition so left food and water for them. A direction notice was issued to Ms Ketchup to continue to provide food and clean water. 

The Inspector returned two days later to ensure the direction notice was being followed and the dogs were being fed. The dogs’ conditions had not improved and there was no evidence that fresh food or water had been provided. The dogs were subsequently seized and taken to an emergency vet for assessment. 

The vet observed that both dogs were in very poor condition, had not eaten for some time, were infested with fleas, and were suffering from a range of other painful infections and ailments. 

Chief Inspector Amanda Swift said: “Our Inspector was shocked at the state of these two dogs when they first attended the house. After talking with the owner and trying to work with her to improve the dogs’ conditions, the Inspector was disappointed that the owner continued to ignore the dogs’ needs.

“The community will not stand for animal cruelty – we see this on the front line every day. It is important to know that reporting cruelty does help the animals in need, and can result in justice for those animals whose owners don’t do the right thing. There is no excuse for animal cruelty.” 

Marna and Parley were treated by veterinarians at the RSPCA WA Animal Care Centre in Malaga. They have been looked after by foster carers, and based on today’s outcome, the dogs are now able enter the RPSCA rehoming program where they will hopefully find a new, loving home. 

RSPCA WA would like to thank King Wood Mallesons lawyers for acting pro bono for Chief Inspector Swift on this matter.

RSPCA WA encourages anyone who witnesses animal cruelty to report it immediately to the RSPCA Cruelty Line on 1300 CRUELTY (1300 278 3589).

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