Figures from the RSPCA 24/7 Cruelty Hotline are showing little to no change in WA’s animal cruelty hotspots from 2016 to 2017, with some suburbs on track to record the highest number of cruelty reports for a second year in a row.

Topping the Perth Metro list for 2017 is the southern Perth suburb of Baldivis, with 40 cruelty reports made to the RSPCA’s Cruelty Hotline between January 1 and April 30 this year. Baldivis was Perth’s number one animal cruelty hotspot overall in 2016 with a total of 118 cruelty reports.

Perth Metro animal cruelty hotspots 2016 vs 2017 year to date:


2017 (Jan 1 -April 30)

Baldivis (118)

Baldivis (40)

Armadale (103)

Armadale (39)

Mandurah (71)

Ellenbrook (27)

Ellenbrook (69)

Gosnells (26)

Rockingham (66)

Rockingham (25)

Gosnells (61)

Byford (24)

Midland (61)

Maddington (22)

Byford (52)

Mandurah (18)

Balga (50)

Midland (17)

Morley (49)

Warnbro (16)

Looking further afield to Regional WA indicates a rise in animal cruelty for the Goldfields region, with the suburbs of South Kalgoorlie, Boulder, and Kalgoorlie featuring in the top five regional cruelty hotspots so far this year.

Regional WA animal cruelty hotspots 2016 vs 2017 year to date:


2017 (Jan 1 -April 30)

Geraldton (50)

South Kalgoorlie (17)

Busselton (37)

Boulder (15)

Kalgoorlie (37)

Busselton (15)

Collie (33)

Geraldton (13)

Boulder (32)

Kalgoorlie (13)

Bunbury (31)

Collie (12)

Albany (27)

Bunbury (11)

Spalding (27)

Carey Park (10)

Carey Park (24)

Dalyellup (9)

Rangeway (22)

Brunswick (8) Lockyer (8) Withers (8)

RSPCA WA Chief Inspector Amanda Swift is not surprised by the data, acknowledging the southern Perth Metro region is a ‘problem area’ for animal welfare issues.

“There are some suburbs in the southern part of Perth where animal cruelty is prevalent, and while we’ve been working to improve standards of animal welfare in these areas, we’re still seeing a high level of cruelty taking place, which is very concerning.

“Regionally, the majority of reports come from areas where our Regional Inspectors are stationed. That’s because when we place an Inspector in a region, the number of cruelty reports for that area go up because people know they can depend on us for help.

“We do still respond to reports in areas where Inspectors are not placed by seeking assistance from the local police or shire rangers however we know this is just the tip of the iceberg.  We desperately need more inspectors throughout WA as we currently have just 11 and we are aware of cruelty happening in locations where we can’t get to,” Chief Inspector Swift said.

`The small team of 11 already on the job investigated over 6300 cruelty reports last year.

“A greater RSPCA presence across the State will mean more cases reported, and more cases responded to,” Chief Inspector Swift continued.

RSPCA WA has recently launched its biggest ever appeal to get more Inspectors on WA roads. Named ‘20for20’ – the appeal is calling on every West Australian to chip in $20 to increase the number of RSPCA Inspectors across the State to 20; almost double the current number of Inspectors covering the whole of WA.

To donate to the 20for20 appeal, visit www.rspca20for20.com.au.

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