Sad Update on Jack, the dog burnt in Geraldton

Sad Update on Jack, the dog burnt in Geraldton

RSPCA WA is sad to advise that Jack, the small dog who was rescued in Geraldton on Tuesday after suffering horrendous burns, has succumbed to his injuries.

Despite the best care possible, the burns to his body were severe – his skin was blistered and peeling away on his belly, legs, face, paws and genitals. Infection started to set in and his organs had begun to shut down. 

The vets advised that the pain was too much and there was no option but to end his suffering.

We thank the community for the kind messages and best wishes, and truly appreciate the donations that were made to assist his recovery.  

We are also thankful for the strong leads we have received and are following each lead up meticulously.

We still want to hear from anyone who has information leading up to the events on Monday night or Tuesday morning that resulted in the horrific suffering that Jack went through in his last days. We urge you to call the RSPCA Cruelty Hotline on 1300 287 3589.

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