RSPCA Seminar - Ensuring a Humane Death for Farm Animals

RSPCA Seminar - Ensuring a Humane Death for Farm Animals

Good farm animal welfare means giving animals a humane death, as well as a life worth living. Therefore, on farm destruction and emergency killing for biosecurity or other reasons is an ongoing topic of interest for producers. 

RSPCA is holding a one day seminar in Canberra on 22 February 2018 to present the most up to date information and innovations in the field of farm animal slaughter. The seminar is the first of its kind ever held in the Southern Hemisphere.

Topics will include –

  • New methods of stunning for slaughter
  • How to assess insensibility
  • Innovations in killing unwanted animals
  • Depopulation and emergency killing

Keynote speakers are Dorothy McKeegan, from the University of Glasgow, and Alison Small, Senior Research Scientist from CSIRO Agriculture and Food. 

WA producers are welcome to attend.

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