CEO Statement: Sunday Times Article about Roxy

CEO Statement: Sunday Times Article about Roxy

It is unfortunate that the Sunday Times deems it appropriate to provide a platform for a person convicted of animal cruelty to continue to spread misinformation about their case (The Battle for Roxy, 22 October 2017).

The facts remain:

  • The owner left her Borzoi dog, Roxy, in a hot car on a 37.8°C day in December 2012.
  • Members of the public were so concerned that they made a complaint to RSPCA.
  • The owner was subsequently found guilty of an offence of cruelty to animals, with the Magistrate also ordering that Roxy be forfeited to the Crown.
  • The Magistrate also noted Ms Culverwell’s refusal to accept any responsibility for her actions as a factor in his decision to forfeit the dog to the Crown.
  • Ms Culverwell then appealed to the Supreme Court which upheld the decision by the Magistrate. 

The article published yesterday contains a number of factual errors and omissions that are either misleading, or give a false impression about RSPCA Inspectors. 

What is particularly frustrating is the insinuation that RSPCA inspectors have behaved improperly, or have been permitted to operate outside the law. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are extremely proud of the integrity and professionalism shown time and time again by RSPCA inspectors involved in this matter. They have consistently gone above and beyond model litigant standards, and conducted themselves with remarkable composure and dignity.

We can all be very proud of their dedication to preventing cruelty to animals and their overall behaviour in the face of incessant and unwarranted hostility. 

That Roxy is alive and healthy, living the life every dog deserves, is a great outcome.


David van Ooran
Chief Executive Officer

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