RSPCA Welcomes Moves by WA Government to end Puppy Farming

RSPCA Welcomes Moves by WA Government to end Puppy Farming

RSPCA WA welcomes the Government’s moves to regulate the breeding of dogs and help decrease the number of abandoned and unwanted dogs in Western Australia.

RSPCA WA participated in the first meeting of the Stop Puppy Farming Implementation Working Group on Monday 13 November.

The stop puppy farming commitments include introducing a centralised dog breeder registration system, introducing mandatory dog sterilisation, and transitioning pet shops to adoption centres. 

Indiscriminate backyard breeding is responsible for many of the dogs at the RSPCA Animal Care Centre who are often rescued from atrocious conditions and are found in poor health. They also can develop alarming behavioural issues because they have had minimal contact with people and other dogs. 

RSPCA WA supports efforts to regulate the industry, and establish minimum animal welfare standards for dog breeding, including housing, husbandry, transport and sale. This would give members of the public peace of mind knowing that their new family member comes from a healthy and happy background, with a lower chance of future medical and behavioural issues that can be caused by inter-breeding or over-breeding.

Centralised dog registration could help councils, pounds and shelters reunite owners with their lost pets, freeing up resources for shelters to look after those animals that need the most love, care and attention. This could greatly reduce the number of strays and unwanted animals in WA.

RSPCA WA supports the move to introduce mandatory sterilisation for non-breeding dogs. This could assist in decreasing the numbers of unwanted dogs in shelters, but also has long term behavioural and medical benefits for the animal. Every animal adopted from the RSPCA is not only vaccinated and micro-chipped, but also desexed.

The Implementation Working Group is currently working to finalise a Consultation Paper on the stop puppy farming provisions that will be released for community input and feedback in 2018.  

For further information, please refer to the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries website or email



  • Ian Brown:

    20 Jan 2018 15:23:40

    I have been told that your group rescued a large number of puppies in the last week ending 21/1/18 and I was wondering if you saved a female Dachshund (preferably a mini) I do not have a lot of money and I am 59yo and am looking for a desexed, microchiped female as a companion.
    I am hoping you all would be able to help me out.

    Regards Ian Brown.

  • Jane:

    09 Dec 2018 00:10:40

    How can you report backyard breeding online in Perth?

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