Over 70 Animals Being Removed from 'Designer Puppy' Breeder North of Perth

Over 70 Animals Being Removed from 'Designer Puppy' Breeder North of Perth

RSPCA WA Inspectors are in the process of removing approx. 46 dogs and puppies and 20 cats and kittens from a property in the Shire of Gingin (67kms north of Perth) today, which appears to be a large-scale breeding operation for ‘designer’ pets – including French Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, Maltese, Shih Tzu as well as Sphynx and Munchkin cats.

RSPCA WA was alerted to the property by a member of the public whose suspicions were raised when they sighted several dogs and one deceased dog near the semi-rural residence. 

The Inspector assigned to the initial report discovered the breeding operation and notified the local Shire; with the animals’ owners failing to comply with dog and cat ownership by-laws that prohibit residents in the Shire of Gingin from keeping more than two dogs at a residence without prior council approval.

To avoid paying significant fines for breaching dog and cat ownership laws, the animals’ owners were ordered to surrender all but 4 of the animals into the care of RSPCA WA to be rehomed. 6 animals are being held by the Shire of Gingin which the owners can apply to have returned at a later date.

The animals appear to be in overall good condition and will be properly assessed by the RSPCA’s veterinary team in the coming days. Five animals were removed from the property yesterday and brought to the RSPCA Animal Care Centre in Malaga to commence treatment in preparation for rehoming.

RSPCA WA is part of a working group consulting with the WA Government (Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries) to develop a framework for legislation of dog breeding which will, among other measures:

  • Establish a centralised registration system to identify a puppy at the point of sale or adoption, so consumers will know exactly where their new pet has come from;
  • Introduce mandatory standards for dog breeding, housing, husbandry and transport, so consumers will know that their puppy is has come from a sound, healthy environment;
  • Introduce a targeted inspection and enforcement system to ensure compliance.

(This story is currenlty unfolding and will be updated as more information comes to hand).

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