RSPCA WA Inspectors have removed 66 animals from a property in Gingin.

The animals appear to be in good condition and RSPCA WA would like to make it clear that this was a surrender of animals – there is no welfare issue with this case at this stage, and there is no evidence to suggest any contravention of the Animal Welfare Act. 

This is simply a case of dog breeders with too many animals who have contravened local council by-laws. This case has highlighted just why dog breeding legislation is needed in WA.

Seven Inspectors attended the property in Gingin this morning, and removed 46 dogs and 20 cats. The dogs include French Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, Maltese and Shih Tsu. The cats surrendered include Sphynx and Munchkin breeds. A further five animals were removed yesterday.

All animals will be assessed for any medical or behavioural issues and will enter our rehoming program. The animals will be visible on the RSPCA adoption website – www.adoptapet.com.au – when they are ready for adoption. 

Currently in WA there are no regulations around dog breeding or puppy farms. This case demonstrates why it’s so important to have a regulated dog breeding industry, and why it’s so important that consumers know exactly where their new pets are coming from, and under what conditions they have been bred.

RSPCA WA is part of the working group developing a framework for dog breeding legislation. Among the measures being considered are:

  • Establishing a centralised registration system to identify a puppy at the point of sale or adoption, so consumer will know exactly where their new pet has come from;
  • Introducing mandatory standards for dog breeding, housing, husbandry and transport, so consumers will know that their puppy is has come from a sound, healthy environment;
  • Introduce a targeted inspection and enforcement system to ensure compliance.

The legislation workgroup is being managed by Department for Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, David Templeman.

The animals will eventually become available for adoption. Please note, we are unable to take orders, expressions of interest, or create a waitlist for these animals. Due to the volume of messages we receive, adoption requests will not be answered. Please keep an eye on our adoption website https://www.adoptapet.com.au/ which is updated daily.

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