Call for Information: Cat found with Severed Leg

Call for Information: Cat found with Severed Leg

***WARNING this video contains graphic content that some viewers may find distressing***

RSPCA is calling for information about a cat with a severed leg, found in Merriwa this morning (2 March, 2018)

RSPCA WA received a report this morning from Merriwa relating to a severely injured kitten. Milo, a male ginger kitten is approximately 6 months old, and returned home this morning when his owners noticed his left front leg had been severed. When RSPCA Inspector Sam arrived, the cat ran away and hid in the undercarriage of a car on the property. The Inspector could not get under the car, so called for a tow-truck. The tow-truck arrived and lifted the car so that Inspector Sam could get underneath and retrieve the scared cat. It was hiding above the diff, stuck in a very difficult place to reach, but Inspector Sam managed to retrieve him. Timing was critical as the cat was losing a lot of blood.

He was rushed to RSPCA WA Animal Care Centre in Malaga where he is undergoing treatment. Initial assessments suggest he is likely in shock and the vet team are currently making him comfortable, while preparing to amputate the rest of the leg.

The owners surrendered the cat to the RSPCA WA as they could not afford the treatment.

A huge thank you to ‘Specialized Tilt Tray and Towing Service’ who were fantastic, came out immediately to assist Inspector Sam and provided their service for free. We really appreciate it.

If anyone saw anything or has any information that could help us find out more about how Milo was injured, please call the RSPCA Cruelty Line on 1300 CRUELTY (278 3589).

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