What's Wrong with the Battery Cage for Layer Hens?

What's Wrong with the Battery Cage for Layer Hens?

The animal welfare science is clear. Keeping layer hens in battery cages causes them to suffer because they are not able to:

  • walk
  • flap their wings or clean their feathers
  • perch
  • make a nest
  • forage around, scratch for food or dustbathe

Hens in battery cages cannot do anything a normal hen would do, apart from laying eggs. 

Battery cages are not humane.


An independent national survey commissioned by RSPCA has found Australians in rural and regional communities, who are likely to understand farming, are at least concerned about battery cages, if not more concerned, than people who live in our cities.

The research found –

Concern about battery cages

  • 82% of rural Australians are concerned
  • 74% of Australians living in regional centre are concerned
  • 74% of Australians living in capital cities are concerned


Should battery cages be phased out?

  • 80% of rural Australians say YES
  • 83% of Australians in regional centres say YES
  • 84.5% of capital city dwellers say YES


What do you think?

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