• A WA man has appeared in court charged with animal cruelty for failing to alleviate harm suffered by his pet dog ‘Pepper Pig’, an adult female Shar Pei which was found to be suffering from skin, eye and ear problems requiring treatment.
  • The man was issued with Direction Notices ordering him to seek treatment for Pepper Pig’s condition but he failed to comply; resulting in Pepper Pig being seized by RSPCA Inspectors in October 2017 and transported to the RSPCA Animal Care Centre in Malaga for treatment.
  • The man was ordered to pay a $4000 fine and received a 10-year prohibition from being in care or control of an animal, in addition to vet costs totalling $1829.18 and court costs of $119.35.
  • This is the second animal cruelty conviction for the man, following charges in 2015 relating to the discovery of his dog Ying who was found tethered to a tree by a chain on an abandoned property in Breera. The chain had embedded in Ying’s neck and caused a large, deep wound. The man appeared in court and was fined $2500, ordered to pay $1300 in costs and received a 12-month prohibition order preventing him from owning animals other than his current registered dogs. 
  • Pepper Pig made a full recovery in the RSPCA’s care but was sadly later diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and was euthanised on humane grounds. Pepper Pig spent time in a loving foster home and continued to receive palliative care until she passed away.

RSPCA WA Chief Inspector, Amanda Swift:

“There is absolutely no excuse for allowing an animal to suffer through lack of care. Doing so is an offence, and like we’ve shown here today, you will be held accountable.

“This is a timely reminder for all pet owners to remember that owning an animal means you are responsible for taking care of its general wellbeing. In addition to providing food, water and shelter; it’s also the pet owner’s responsibility to stay on top of things like parasite prevention schedules and to seek veterinary care when your pet needs it.”




  • Tonia:

    28 Apr 2018 15:04:52

    This person should do jail time and never never never be allowed to own a animal ever again ,pity we cant do to him what he did to those poor dogs

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