Open letter to all West Australians from RSPCA WA President, Lynne Bradshaw AM

Open letter to all West Australians from RSPCA WA President, Lynne Bradshaw AM

To the Western Australian Community,

This is the first time that I, as President of RSPCA Western Australia, have written an open letter to you.

But the issue I’m writing to you about is unprecedented in our state.

We know – from the thousands of emails you’ve sent, and the phone calls you’ve made - that you are outraged by the latest evidence of animal cruelty in live exports, exposed nationally in the news media over the past two weeks.

We know you are especially hurting because we’ve now confirmed this cruelty is being exported from our own backyard.

Most of these sheep came from Western Australia.

If you haven’t been able to watch it –and many can’t – the evidence shows injured and sick sheep, buried in their own waste, unable to reach food and water, suffering and dying from overcrowding and heat stress, and surrounded by the dead and decomposing bodies of their flock mates.

In one day, an animal died every 2 minutes. That means 2 or 3 sheep died in the time it takes you to read this letter.

In the past five years alone, more than 61,000 sheep have died on live export voyages. That’s more than the entire human capacity of the new Perth Stadium.

It’s incredibly distressing, and understandably, you want answers.

The truth is, you’ve been deceived for many years by the live export industry – and so have Western Australian farmers.

Their claims of ‘world-leading animal welfare standards’ on these routine voyages, and our farmers’ faith in those claims, have been shattered beyond repair.

The real problem is the routine conditions, including cramming sheep into overcrowded pens at the industry standard stocking density of 3 sheep per square metre.

The problem is an industry and business model that says they won’t make enough money unless animals are subjected to this suffering.

Meanwhile, we have solid facts to show the economic impact of ending the live trade is manageable, and we’re actively arguing for government support packages to help farmers adjust their businesses away from live exports.

But there’s much more to this issue than economics.

Now, more than ever, local farmers will need your support and encouragement to make a moral decision to stop sending their sheep for live exports.

Western Australian farmers have been propping up live export company profits for too long, and it’s costing them their reputation as well as the welfare of their carefully-raised animals.

Please, if you haven’t already, join us at as we call to stop the suffering and end the long-haul live export of sheep from Western Australia.

Lynne Bradshaw AM
President, RSPCA Western Australia


  • Sophie de peretti:

    18 Apr 2018 16:17:51

    Stop this

  • Antoinette:

    19 Apr 2018 09:56:20

    Please stop this sickening live export. It is so sad.

  • judy dixon:

    19 Apr 2018 11:18:22

    Why can’t the animals be processed here in WA.frozen, and shipped to the countries, They should have big freezers to put the meat in, STOP THE CRUELTY, .BOTH ON THE SHIPS, AND WHEN THE PEOPLE purchase the live sheep, and kill them in an inhumane way……Our Government need to … STOP .THIS CRUELTY NOW…AND LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE AGAINST IT…JUDY.

  • Carl Licastro:

    19 Apr 2018 15:38:53

    In the name of money? No. Not good enough.
    We are a first world country, almost. Our animals still have no rights.
    If the RSPCA was truly independent, this would be stopped.

  • Sandra Stubbs:

    19 Apr 2018 20:50:05

    I hope all Australians get behind the push to BAND live export

  • Wanda Buttel:

    19 Apr 2018 21:31:43

    How many times is this absolutely awful practice going to be brought up and discussed before something is actually done to help these poor animals
    Is it not enough that they will probably suffer greatly at their arrival destination that they also have to suffer on their journey there too?
    I personally cannot understand or justify cruelty in any shape or form and hope that someone somewhere will please do something to help ease their unnecessary suffering

  • Terry Orchard:

    21 Apr 2018 04:36:36

    There is no need for live export. The middle east are bullying Australia into this. Dangling the threat of loss of business. Our meat products are the best in the world, if the middle east don’t want it frozen, then buy somewhere else! The fact is there isn’t anywhere else with our quality. Stand strong Australia. Be global leaders, not global ‘sheep’.

  • kellie patton:

    26 Apr 2018 13:53:11

    Please stop this barbaric and completely unnecessary trade, it is unconscionable that the Australian government is allowing this to continue.

  • Lindacore:

    28 Apr 2018 16:31:32

    Ban live export.
    Animals Australia not deserve to be suffer, abuse,torture and kill with hight suffering for the sacrifice festival.

  • Julie keech:

    30 Apr 2018 11:54:38

    I support your campaign to end live animal exports. It is so distressing and sends a message to the world that Australia supports animal cruelty. I work in Fremantle and sheep have been transported all weekend, in the heat, and the very same vessel is being loaded up!

  • Lindacore:

    30 Apr 2018 18:41:29

    Ban live export.
    Animals Australia not deserve to suffer,abuse,torture and kill with hight suffering and be use for sacrifice festival.
    The company Emmanuel breach the law welfare and the safety for our Animals Australia.
    PLease Ban Live Export

  • Christine knight:

    30 Apr 2018 21:37:54

    I can’t understand how the RSPCA are able to step in to stop the cruelty to domestic animals like cats and dogs and horses but is powerless to stop such horrendous cruelty to mass numbers of sheep. Why not? Is it purely legislature? What is the difference between a dog or a sheep? I’m vegetarian and if the carnivores are worried about being over-run with livestock if we all become so ‘enlightened’ put them on birth control! And become a new farmer in a new world of enlightenment and farm more vegetables.

    I support as much as I can financially and have written to relevant ministerial members but I doubt this will have any effect on this sadistic and cruel practice. I have absolutely no sympathy for farmers who allow this to happen to their livestock. If farming is not enabling them to make an honest and ethical living then they should be looking at other ways to make a living. I am beyond consolation at the moment seeing the atrocious pictures of these poor creatures – I just hope more hearts are bleeding like mine and that the collective good in society will conquer the cruelty in our community. I am screaming with emotional pain inside but feel totally helpless! I hate humankind.

  • Julie Parish:

    15 Aug 2018 11:32:17

    Thank you Lynne Bradshaw for your letter in the West Australian regarding the live sheep trade and thank you for your perseverance to end this appalling practice.

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