RSPCA WA Welcomes Moves to End Indiscriminate Puppy Breeding

RSPCA WA Welcomes Moves to End Indiscriminate Puppy Breeding

RSPCA WA President Lynne Bradshaw today affirmed her support for Minister for Local Government, David Templeman’s plans to outlaw indiscriminate puppy breeding in WA.

Minister Templeman announced a public consultation period as the next step in developing legislation to protect dogs from suffering and neglect on puppy farms.

RSPCA WA has been an active participant in the working group developing the proposed legislation to regulate the dog breeding industry in Western Australia.

Currently, there are no specific laws regulating dog breeding in the state.

The FOUR proposed regulations include:

  1. Transitioning pet shops to adoption centres to stop puppies being sourced from puppy farms

  2. Desexing for non-breeding dogs to stop indiscriminate breeding 

  3. A centralised registration system to ensure all dogs can be traced back to the breeder

  4. Animal welfare standards for dogs to outline a minimum level of care 

RSPCA WA urges all West Australians to let the State Government know that you support changes to the law to stop puppy farming. For more information visit   

Comments attributed to RSPCA WA President, Lynne Bradshaw AM:

"West Australians who have inadvertently bought irresponsibly bred puppies can attest to the horrible physical, emotional and financial impact on their dog and their families. 

"RSPCA WA and other dog welfare organisations see the devastating consequences of irresponsible dog breeding and we need your help to stop it.

"RSPCA WA encourages all West Australians to speak up for dogs. Give them a voice. Have your say during the public consultation period open today (3 May) until 3 August."

Click here to read the Minister's Media release 
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