RSPCA WA Calls for More Inspectors to Combat Cruelty

RSPCA WA Calls for More Inspectors to Combat Cruelty
  • With just 12 Inspectors, RSPCA WA cannot reach every animal in need
  • Households will receive confronting images that explain the need for more Inspectors
  • RSPCA WA is asking every West Australian to chip in $20 to get 20 Inspectors on the road
  • Campaign runs through 30 June


A cat shot in the neck with an arrow. A dog bashed in the head with an axe. A horse fatally shot in a paddock. A dog riddled with arrow wounds and left to die on the train tracks. A cat slashed across the chest and stomach 12 times.

These are some of the horrendous animal cruelty cases in just the last two weeks in Western Australia. And RSPCA WA is calling on the people of Western Australia to help rescue more animals from this awful fate.

And the numbers don’t stop there. Cruelty reports to the RSPCA Cruelty Hotline have reached unprecedented numbers in the first quarter of this year – the highest three month period since current record-keeping began. 

In this second year of the ground-breaking state-wide 20for20 Appeal, RSPCA WA is asking every Western Australian to chip in $20 to help get 20 Inspectors on the road. More Inspectors on the roads means more animals rescued.

RSPCA WA’s Chief Inspector Amanda Swift, has kicked off this year’s 20for20 Campaign by sending a letter to households throughout the state, explaining why more Inspectors are needed.

Last year’s 20for20 campaign shocked people with the harsh reality of animal cruelty in WA. This year’s campaign is no different; showing images from four actual cruelty cases in Western Australia. 

As a result of last year’s campaign, RSPCA WA has expanded the Inspectorate in the Goldfields to a full time role, and is now recruiting for an Inspector to be based in Broome. Currently, there are seven Inspectors covering the Metro area; and one each in Albany, the Goldfields, the South West and Geraldton. But that is not enough especially as it appears more people are now willing to speak up and report cruelty.

RSPCA WA receives a Government grant of $350,000 towards Inspectorate activities, but it costs on average $180,000 to keep just one fully trained and equipped Inspector on the road for a year, and even more to rehabilitate and rehome the animals they rescue. RSPCA WA relies on generous donations from the community to cover the shortfall.

Over the next two months, households throughout Western Australia will see the RSPCA 20for20 Campaign in their letterboxes, on posters, and online. Donations can be made via mail, or online at All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Comments from RSPCA WA Chief Inspector Amanda Swift:

“We receive between 40 and 50 cruelty reports every day, and with just 12 Inspectors on the roads in WA, we simply cannot rescue every animal in need. Over the past five years, the number of incidents we’ve investigated each year has doubled to around 6,000.

“We don’t mean to upset people with the campaign – but we do need everyone to understand that this problem exists, and that everyone can help. Our Inspectors see these awful things every day. In some cases, we are able to save the animal and give them a second chance at a happy life, but in some cases, we’re too late.

“We need your help to get more Inspectors out there to rescue more animals. We appreciate the many people who report animal cruelty – now we need to ensure that we are equipped to respond and rescue as many animals as possible.”



  • Rich Symons:

    17 May 2018 09:36:40

    I’m not that shocked to see the images and understand the need to expand. I have good friends who work in the field. So, I hear many revolting and sad stories. I myself have a rescue dog that comes from a sad beginning and now has brought so much joy to my life, and in return hers…

    I have no formal training but am very interested to apply for the inspectors position, and am used to the NW and relocating often as most of my working life has been remote.

    I have a very strong background in a variety of areas including work place safety, food safety & hygene. I can easily manage large groups of people, environments & situations.

    I am currently single and an active 51 yrs of age. I’m looking for a challenge that I can also enjoy as my life has been all about others 1st, this includes animals.

    I’m not sure where to or how to apply, so if you could feedback me with this info I can post a resume outlining further skills and attributes to this role.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Mostly my mobile is best 0434 543 926 or the email above.

    Rich Symons

  • Ben Cody:

    23 May 2018 10:46:29

    I would really like to become an inspector. If you could please contact me or send me information on how I might be able to do this. I live in the south coast of WA in the shire of Plantagenet.
    Thank you.


    09 Oct 2018 10:16:39

    Hi Ben, You’ll find more information here:

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