RSPCA Appeals For Public Help with Unsolved Cases

RSPCA Appeals For Public Help with Unsolved Cases

RSPCA WA is appealing to the WA public for assistance in solving several distressing acts of alleged animal cruelty that have occurred in recent months.

These disturbing incidents remain unsolved, with the perpetrators still to be held accountable for the cruelty they have committed.

RSPCA WA Chief Inspector Amanda Swift is appealing to the public for new information that could help to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Unsolved cases include:

Puppy bashed on head, fractured skull, died of injuriesJuly 2017: A young puppy bashed on the head, fractured skull
The Ridgeback x puppy (approx. 12 weeks old) was found by a member of the public in bushes near Strutt Way Reserve in Noranda on 5 July 2017. He was rushed to RSPCA Animal Care Centre immediately for pain relief and assessment, which revealed a fractured skull and potential herniation in its stomach. Sadly, the puppy succumbed to its wounds that day.


Jack, burnt dogAugust 2017: Jack, a small dog, set on fire
Jack was found in Geraldton with major burns on his body, including to his belly, legs, face, paws and genitals. He was taken to a local vet for emergency treatment. His burns were so horrendous, and he was in so much pain, that attending vet advised ending his suffering, particularly because his organs had begun to shut down. A reward is being offered for information that leads to the successful prosecution of the person(s) responsible.



emu being run down by 4WDMarch 2018: Emus deliberately run down by 4WD
RSPCA received a video of emus being deliberately run down by a 4WD on an outback track. The incident appears to have been filmed by a passenger or on a dash-cam in the vehicle. The sickening video was sent in via social media and despite a number of leads, the actual location of the incident and a person of interest have yet to be identified..


Puppy bottle feeding at RSPCA Vet ClinicMarch 2018: Puppies dumped and left to die in Balingup
Seven Rottweiler x puppies (approx. 1 week old) were found in bushland in Balingup on Good Friday. Tragically, five of the puppies had died – their injuries consistent with being preyed upon by birds and other bush predators – but two of the puppies were located alive and taken to Bridgetown Boarding Kennels for attention due to local vet clinics being closed for Good Friday. The surviving puppies will be available for adoption shorty.


Beau, cat shot with Arrow through neckApril 2018: Cat shot in the neck with arrow
A male, ginger tabby cat was found with an arrow through the back of his head on Withnell Drive in Ellenbrook. The wound was found to be infested with maggots, and the examining vet advised that the arrow could have been stuck in the cat's head for up to two days before he was rescued. The arrow was successfully removed. The cat, named Beau, has made a full recovery and will be ready for adoption soon.



Anyone with information is urged to contact the RSPCA Cruelty Hotline on 1300 278 3589. 

Comments attributed to RSPCA WA Chief Inspector Amanda Swift:

“RSPCA WA is appalled that the people who have committed these disgusting acts of cruelty are still walking around in our communities, and haven’t yet been apprehended.

“They could, potentially, be harming other innocent animals and thinking they have got away with their crimes, because they haven’t yet been caught.

“With just 12 Inspectors on the road, we rely heavily on the WA community to be our eyes and ears on the ground, and to report animal cruelty when they see or hear about it, and we’re appealing to anybody who knows anything about these cases, even if it seems minor, to report what they know to us so that we can find the people responsible and get justice for the animals subjected to these terrible incidents of cruelty.”

“We know that our presence, particularly in regional areas, needs to be greater than it is right now, not only to deter people from committing acts of cruelty but to enable us to respond more quickly when something is reported.


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