Information Sought for Puppies Dumped in Narrogin

Information Sought for Puppies Dumped in Narrogin

RSPCA is seeking information regarding a box of puppies found dumped yesterday (17 July) in Narrogin, 190km south-east of Perth.

A member of the public found the box of 10 tan and black puppies by Narrogin Creek around the gymnasium area in the morning. They appear to be 1-2 weeks old and still have their umbilical cords attached. 

Pups rescued in Narrogin keeping warmThe pups had full bellies when they were found so we assume they had been feeding from their Mum. We are worried about the health of the mother as well – she could be suffering from mastitis.

The pups were taken to Narrogin Veterinary Services, but unfortunately, one died in transit. The 9 surviving pups are doing well, although it is touch and go. When the pups are ready, they will be brought to the RSPCA Animal Care Centre in Malaga for further treatment and care.

Comment from Chief Inspector Amanda Swift:

“Thankfully these puppies were found in the nick of time and are being cared for now. We’re lucky more of them didn’t perish. Pets, and especially those who have just had puppies, rely on their owners absolutely, so we are very concerned about the mother dog – she may urgently need care. 

“Unwanted litters are a problem throughout Western Australia. Dumping puppies is never OK and it can cause a long and painful death. If you find yourself with an unexpected litter, do the responsible thing and seek advice from your vet to ensure the health of the mum and puppies.” 

If anyone saw any suspicious activity around Narrogin Creek yesterday morning, or has concerns for a female dog that appears to have just had puppies, please contact the RSPCA Cruelty Hotline immediately on 1300 CRUELTY (278 3589).

RSPCA WA is working with WA Government and a number of other stakeholders to develop regulations around indiscriminate dog breeding in Western Australia. In WA, there are currently no laws regulating dog breeding.

You can find more information here: The suite of proposed measures include the introduction of mandatory dog de-sexing, enforceable welfare standards for dog breeding, a centralised dog registration system to track dogs, and pet shops being transitioned into adoption centres. 

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