On-farm Inspector Work and Biosecurity

On-farm Inspector Work and Biosecurity

RSPCA WA inspectors are well trained and equipped for on farm work

Biosecurity is an important part of everyday farm work. The RSPCA WA inspectors work to administer the Animal Welfare Act 2002 and they are therefore required to comply with the Act themselves. Under the Act, section 48(6)(a) says an inspector must take reasonable precautions not to spread disease.

All RSPCA WA Inspectors are bound by the strict protocols set out in the RSPCA WA Standard Operating Procedures in relation to bio-security, which we believe are of the highest standard anywhere in WA for animal welfare inspectors. They carry biosecurity kits with them in their vehicles and these include F10 veterinary grade disinfectant, Virkon S and bleach as well as protective clothing and boots. They receive regular training about on-farm bio-security. 

Biosecurity protocols must be observed in many settings, apart from on farms. For example, biosecurity is an issue in vet clinics and at the RSPCA WA Malaga animal shelter. Farmers can be confident that our inspectors are well aware of how important biosecurity is to them. 



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