Get Meow-t: $39 adoptions to help cats find new homes

Get Meow-t: $39 adoptions to help cats find new homes

RSPCA WA is reducing adoption fees for all adult cats between 15 April and 28 April, to help them get out of the cattery and into loving new homes.

During this period, all adult cats will have their adoption fees reduced to just $39.

Bomber and Ginger Megs are two of more than 20 adult cats currently waiting for a second chance at a happy new life.

These 10-year-old brothers were surrendered to RSPCA last year, and have been in care for more than 140 days.  RSPCA WA hopes the discounted adoption fee will help this bonded pair finally find their fur-ever family.

Every cat adopted from RSPCA WA comes sterilised, microchipped, and fully up-to-date with vaccinations and parasite treatment.

Normal adoption policy and procedures apply, so even though the adoption fee is discounted, the same time and effort goes into matching each animal to the right family. RSPCA WA cats currently available for adoption can be viewed online at

RSPCA WA Executive Manager Animal Services Hannah Dreaver:

“Many people are keen to welcome a cute kitten into their home, but adult cats can have a harder time finding their fur-ever family – especially if they’ve got a few more years under their belt.

“Since 1 January, 68 adult cats have been adopted from RSPCA WA, while 110 kittens have moved on to new homes in that same period.

“Right now, there’s more than 20 gorgeous adult cats waiting at the cattery to be adopted.

“They’d much prefer to be enjoying themselves with a family of their own, so we’re hoping the reduced adoption fee will help them find their purr-fect new owners sooner rather than later.

“Cats like Bomber and Ginger Megs have so much love to give. They deserve better than to spend their golden years in a shelter environment. We really hope someone sees them and falls in love during ‘Get Meow-t’.”


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