Injured and Alone: Scamp's Second Chance

Scamp on arrival at RSPCA WA

Six-month-old Scamp was terrified when she first came into RSPCA WA's care.

Born as a stray, it was clear from her body language she didn’t trust humans, and had probably never known a kind word or a gentle, loving touch.

Scamp cowered, shaking, as vets tried to examine her injured nose and paw.

A nail on Scamp’s paw had been torn out and the wound had become badly infected – it would’ve been so painful for her.

Without your generous support, who knows how much longer this sweet girl would’ve continued to suffer.

Scamp had to be sedated so that vets could carefully clean her wounds and X-ray her paw. 

Scamp's paw before and after surgery

Thankfully, it wasn't fractured, but vets determined that amputating her toe would give her the best chance of a happy, pain-free life.

Scamp healed well following surgery, and, after tolerating the ‘cone of shame’ for a week or so, she had her stitches removed and was ready for a second chance. 

Your generous support is the reason Scamp got the urgent medical care she needed and went on to find loving new paw-rents (who will keep showing her that there’s kind and compassionate people in the world).

Scamp ready for adoption




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