RSPCA WA Reveals Perth's Cruelty Hotspots

RSPCA WA Reveals Perth's Cruelty Hotspots

In support of RSPCA WA’s recent mail appeal to stop animal cruelty, the charity has revealed the suburbs in Perth where the highest number of animal cruelty reports are being received.

These most recent figures demonstrate the urgent need for more resources, as the State’s oldest and largest animal welfare charity reaches out to households for donations to help stop animal cruelty in their neighbourhood.

Figures from RSPCA’s Cruelty Hotline reveal the top hot spots around the metro and regional areas, with several areas recording high numbers of cruelty for the third year in a row.

Every day RSPCA WA receives, on average, between 50-60 reports of animals being mistreated or neglected. The number of calls received in WA continues to increase year on year, and is expected to hit about 21,000 this year.


In 2018, Baldivis, with a total of 85 cruelty reports, overtook the top spot from Armadale in 2017.

Up to May 31 2019, Baldivis had retained top spot, and appeared to be on track to record an increase in reports compared to 2018.

Top 10 Metropolitan Cruelty Hot Spots by Post Code (Calendar Year)
SUBURB 2017   SUBURB 2018   SUBURB 2019 YTD
Armadale 102   Baldivis 85   Baldivis 45
Baldivis 87   Armadale 78   Armadale 41
Ellenbrook 79   Midland 73   Midland 40
Gosnells 64   Balga 69   Ellenbrook 34
Midland 60   Ellenbrook 64   Gosnells 33
Byford 57   Gosnells 63   Kelmscott 32
Rockingham 55   Mandurah 59   Rockingham 28
Mandurah 54   Rockingham 54   Byford 26
Maddington 51   Morley  52   Geraldton  25
Balga 46   Byford 50   Morley 23










Top 10 Metropolitan Cruelty Hot Spots by Local Government Area (Calendar Year)
CITY / SHIRE / TOWN   2017     RANK   CITY / SHIRE / TOWN    2018  
Swan City 650   1   Swan City 683
Wanneroo City 501   2   Stirling City 579
Rockingham City 440   3   Wanneroo City 538
Stirling City 439   4   Rockingham City 494
Gosnells City 361   5   Gosnells City 471
Armadale City 346   6   Armadale City  385
Mandurah City 294   7   Mandurah City 285
Joondalup City 224   8   Cockburn City 260
Cockburn City 216   9   Joondalup City 211
Belmont City 185   10   Kwinana City 211












In regional WA, there has been a change at the top of the list, with Kalgoorlie-Boulder overtaking the top spot from Albany in 2017.

Top 10 Regional Cruelty Hot Spots by Local Government Area (Calendar Year)
Albany City 187 1 Kalgoorlie-Boulder City 210
Geraldton City 186 2 Albany City 187
Kalgoorlie-Boulder City 169 3 Geraldton City 186
Bunbury City 163 4 Bunbury City 150
Harvey Shire 92 5 Harvey Shire 102
Greenough Shire 88 6 Greenough Shire 99
Busselton shire 62 7 Collie Shire 86
Collie Shire 55 8 Busselton Shire 74
Capel Shire 54 9 Capel Shire 72
Dardanup Shire 45 10 Esperance Shire 53











The nature of cruelty complaints received changes slightly in each post code, but there are common complaints being reported regularly across WA.

The most common cruelty complaints received across the State last year included ill treatment of animals (e.g. kicking an animal), abandonment, and insufficient food and water.

Failure to alleviate harm, which could be someone failing to take their sick or injured pet to the vet, was also one of the top complaints received. In some cases, people might have been experiencing financial hardship and can’t afford vet care, but in other more disturbing cases, people have simply ignored their pet’s suffering.

During the warmer months, there was an increase in calls relating to dogs left in hot cars, and dogs being transported on the back of utes with little or no protection from the elements.

In regional areas, while the majority of calls relate to companion animals, Inspectors are also called upon to address welfare issues relating to larger animals, like horses and livestock. These Inspectors work closely with a local network of vets and volunteers, with support from rangers and police to help owners care for their animals.

Comments attributed to RSPCA WA Chief Executive Officer Iain Torrance:

“In these hot spots where we know cruelty is prevalent, RSPCA WA works hard to improve standards of animal welfare, but we’re still getting a consistently high number of calls.

“It’s encouraging to see the community is reporting cruelty, and giving a voice to abused, neglected and mistreated animals who can’t speak for themselves.

“But, with more than 50 reports flooding in every single day, the sad truth is we simply can’t get to every animal in time. We know we are impacting positively on the lives of over 10,000 animals every year, but there is so much more we need to do.

“RSPCA WA relies on generous donations and community support for more than 90% of the funds required to carry out our animal protection work – saving animals from desperate and dangerous situations.

“RSPCA WA also relies on the community as our eyes and ears on the ground, so please, keep reporting animal cruelty to the RSPCA Cruelty Hotline.

 “With more resources, we can rescue more animals. It’s that simple.”

Donations can be made to RSPCA WA via

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