7 ways your cat is saying “I love you”

7 ways your cat is saying “I love you”

International Cat Day is coming up on Thursday 8 August!

These fluff balls bring so much joy to our lives, and all they ask for in return is plenty of pats (behind the ears, if you don’t mind), your undivided attention at 4am, and to take naps on your fresh laundry.  

We absolutely adore our quirky cats and will happily wait on them hand and foot to show we care – but how do we know if they love us back?

Here’s 7 ways your fuzzy friend shows affection..

1. Head-Butting

When cats use their head to rub against you, they’re not only building a bond, but also leaving their scent on you. Mixing their scent with yours creates a social shared scent – indicating that you belong together (nawwww).

2. Kneading

If your cat likes to sit on or near you and push their paws up and down, it’s a sign that they’re happy. Your cat has been kneading since kittenhood – back then it was to help stimulate mum’s milk.

3. Following You

This is definitely a sign of affection. So take it as a compliment... even if you could do without the company in the bathroom.

5. Putting their Bottom in Your Face

Do you mind? This may seem a little rude, but cats do this to their mum because then their mum will take care of them. It’s a sign they trust you to look after them.

6. Tummy Up

Laying on their back with their tummy up is not a request for a tummy rub. Ok, sometimes it might be, but it's also a way for your cat to show they’re very content and feel safe.

7. Slow Blinking

The look of lurve! If your cat ever stares at you and blinks slowly, it’s a sign on contentment.

Got a cute snap or video of your feline friend? We’d love to see it this International Cat Day. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram with @RSPCAWA



  • Nicole:

    21 Jul 2019 01:53:50

    Are you needing donations for bedding this winter? I have a few old lamb wool mattress protectors would you like them?

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