RSPCA WA Welcomes Charges for Alleged Cruelty to Live Export Sheep

RSPCA WA Welcomes Charges for Alleged Cruelty to Live Export Sheep

Statement from RSPCA WA Chair, Lynne Bradshaw, AM:

“RSPCA WA welcomes the action taken by the WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development in charging the company and its directors for alleged animal cruelty offences. 

“These charges should send a strong message to anyone in charge of livestock that the community expects animals to be treated humanely while in their care.

“The treatment of those sheep on the Awassi Express was not humane and this is the first step towards holding to account those responsible for the suffering they endured.

“For decades, Australian sheep have suffered terribly on long haul live export voyages and we look forward to the Federal Government finalising its heat stress reforms which will help to protect more sheep during voyages to the Middle East in the northern hemisphere summer.

“We are encouraged by the Federal Government’s proposal to extend the period during which sheep cannot be exported to the Middle East to include September.

"However, we would like to see October also included. We know the high temperatures and humidity extend through to the end of October and are likely to cause sheep to suffer heat stress.

“We will continue to push for policy change to protect thousands more sheep from suffering needlessly.”

Lynne Bradshaw, AM

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