Briony Adopted After 153 Days in Care

Briony Adopted After 153 Days in Care
Briony on arrival at RSPCA WA
Briony on arrival at RSPCA WA.

Briony was abandoned at a property south of Perth in March 2019. 

Her owners had moved out, leaving her behind with no food or water.

A concerned member of the public made a report to the Cruelty Hotline, and an Inspector was sent to investigate. 

At the property, Inspector Brad found Briony shaking and absolutely terrified.

He had to work slowly to gain her trust, so he could bring her into the Animal Care Centre in Malaga. 

RSPCA WA vets found 10-year-old Briony had a list of medical issues.

Briony's leg after surgery
Briony's leg after surgery.

She was covered in fleas, had dental disease, and one of her eyes was shrunken and not functioning – likely due to an old injury which had been left untreated. 

Briony also had luxating patellas (mobile knee cap) in both hind legs, and, because this had also been left untreated, she’d developed osteoarthritis too.

Vets determined removing Briony’s eye would give her the best chance at a happy, pain-free life.

She also needed surgery on both hind legs.

We are so thankful to Briony’s amazing foster carer, who was devoted to her recovery - which included several weeks of strict crate rest and rehab exercises.

After five months in care, and over 20 vet consultations, Briony was finally ready for adoption… and her foster carer was first in line!

We’re so thrilled this sweet girl is now living the love-filled life she so deserves. 

Briony was adopted by her foster carer on 29 August! 



  • Jackie Bysterveld:

    03 Sep 2019 13:13:42

    Three Cheers for Briony’s foster carer. You are an amazing woman and I am sure that you and Briony are going to have a wonderful life together.

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