Update on incident involving Kookaburra at Parkerville Tavern

Update on incident involving Kookaburra at Parkerville Tavern

RSPCA WA Inspectors are investigating the incident relating to the death of the kookaburra at the Parkerville Tavern.  Media comments by RSPCA WA stating that Inspectors could not prosecute with respect the situation were premature. Once the circumstances of the incident are fully investigated the case will be assessed, as with all other animal cruelty investigations, in accordance with RSPCA WA’s Compliance, Enforcement and Prosecution Policy.   

As this is an ongoing investigation RSPCA WA will not comment further with respect to the details of this case.





  • Jenni Cobb:

    31 Oct 2019 13:29:57

    Can you please clarify whether RSPCA ever made the comment that the incident with the kookaburra did not meet the criteria for animal cruelty due to instant method of it’s death?

    Can you please reply as I am a monthly doner of RSPCA and am considering withdrawing my monthly donation if you do not treat this incident as one of animal cruelty
    Jenni Cobb

  • E Sims:

    31 Oct 2019 16:35:52

    Are there checks on how animals are euthanised in WA abattoirs, slaughter houses and knackeries?

    The situation in the eastern states of extreme animal cruelty in theses facilities , must surely raise a red flag in WA.

    I would like to know what checks and balances are in place (if any) to keep this industry clear of animal terror at slaughter.

  • Anna:

    10 Nov 2019 12:11:23

    Dear Sirs,
    Your above statement dated 31 October says you will not be commenting further on this case. That is just not good enough. The public has a right to know how the criminal who committed this horrendous crime is being punished. He has been identified by the police. There were witnesses to the crime, including children, and the scene of the crime had undoubtedly CCTV footage. Is there anything that is standing in the way of this person being found guilty, punished and the public being told that justice has been done? RSPCA intervenes in cases of animal cruelty and, I presume, animal murder = in this case, in full view of a crowd of people. So what happens from your standpoint? Do you just arrive, witness what everyone else has already witnessed and then take away the victim? Is that JUST your role, or do you see to it that appropriate action is taken to punish the perpetrator (or in this clear case), the murderer? What on earth is happening to our society? Please explain as it’s very murky to me.
    Thank you for your attention and response to this.


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