Furry-tail endings worth the wait

Furry-tail endings worth the wait

The happy tears were flowing when these long-termers found their forever homes this month! 


First up was Karma, whose owner was recently prosecuted for animal cruelty.

Karma spent 551 days in care with RSPCA WA while justice was pursued in court. During this time, Karma was living with a devoted foster carer, but she longed to feel the comfort and warmth that only a forever home can provide. 

In January, Karma got her wish - check out her "I've just been adopted" smile below!

It takes a very special person to adopt an older dog – at nine years old, Karma will spend her golden years being utterly spoilt. She SO deserves it!


Meanwhile, long-termer Lily also got her furry-tail ending this month.

This gorgeous and very timid girl worked extensively with the RSPCA WA behaviour team while in care, to bring her out of her shell and help her cope in a world that seemed very scary.

Lily was so brave during several meets with potential new paw-rents, but unfortunately none of these worked out.

After 243 days, she’d started to lose hope. But then – an amazing couple came along.

They had experience with rescue dogs and were determined to invest time (and heaps of love) into showing Lily that she was finally home and had nothing to fear.



Thank you for helping pups like Lily and Karma get their second chance!

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