Long-termer Prickles home at last

In November 2018, RSPCA WA Inspectors responded to a cruelty report about a dog in poor condition.

Prickles was very underweight, and, after discussions, her owners agreed that caring for her was beyond their means, so they surrendered her into our care. At the Animal Care Centre, vets uncovered a host of medical issues.

Six-year-old Prickles had signs of some joint issues, dental issues, a heavy flea burden, infections in both ears, and entropion – a painful condition where the eyelids roll inwards and the eyelashes scratch and irritate the eye.

A ligament had also ruptured in Prickles’ left knee, making it unstable and painful. Vets got to work straight away developing a treatment plan to give her the best possible outcome

Prickles ready for adoption
Ready for adoption after 460 days!

Prickles underwent three lengthy surgeries to correct her ligament problem, and received treatment from an orthopaedic specialist, but unfortunately these were unsuccessful in stabilising her knee enough for pain-free function.

This meant, despite every effort, Prickles’ leg would need to be carefully amputated. Treatment for her other issues included three separate surgeries to correct her eyelids, and the removal of several teeth, which were in poor condition.

Her ear infections resolved with ear flushes, ointment and antibiotics and her flea burden was treated thanks to valued partner Advocate. Throughout all this, Prickles was able to recover in comfort with a doting foster carer.

It took over 70 vet consultations, 16 different medications, and an immeasurable amount of TLC, but Prickles is finally ready to start a new chapter.  

Prickles is a big girl, with an even bigger heart. And there were happy tears all round when she found her fur-ever home with a Moora couple last weekend during Clear the Shelters.

No matter how long it takes, your generous support means that we can do everything we can to rehabilitate animals like Prickles.

A farewell from the Animal Attendants
A fond farefull from the Animal Attendants! 
Prickles bound for home in Moora   Prickles getting comfy in her forever home
Prickles bound for her new home in Moora   Prickles gets comfy in her fur-ever home



  • Carolyn Day:

    27 Feb 2020 19:15:20

    Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t want a dog, but I would love one, so I was so happy about Prickles getting treatment and finding a new happy home. Good Onya RSPCA and all yer staff!

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