Poorly Drawn Pets Fundraiser

Poorly Drawn Pets Fundraiser

What do you get when you combine over 375 photogenic fur babies, a handful of untrained artists, pens and paper? An incredible online fundraiser for animals in need!

A huge THANK YOU to every single pet owner who offered up their animals for interpretation by our artistically challenged volunteers.

Poorly Drawn Pet Portraits was a success, and the funds raised will go above and beyond to help abused, abandoned and neglected animals in WA.

Dogs and cats undoubtedly dominated the day, but we loved seeing some offbeat animals thrown into the mix too – including a galah, a snake, and even some chickens!

We just had to share some of our favourite PAW-traits with you here (as you can see, a few artists missed the “poorly drawn” memo and delivered some incredible works of art to lucky pet owners!).

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