Saved from neglect, Missy lights up her new owner's life

Saved from neglect, Missy lights up her new owner's life

Missy came into RSPCA WA’s care in January. She’d been found by City of Wanneroo Rangers in poor condition, and taken to an emergency vet, where her severely matted coat and overgrown, embedded nails were clipped. 

Missy’s condition was reported to RSPCA WA the following day.

She was seized by an Inspector and brought to the Animal Care Centre in Malaga, where her long road to recovery began. 

On arrival, this 13-year-old girl was found to be emaciated, weighing just 4.8kg. Her skin was red and itchy, after months of being pulled and irritated by her matted coat.

The vet team found cataracts in both of Missy’s eyes.

Her teeth were infected and broken, and she had an old injury in her right hind leg – which could have happened as far back as 2013!

Missy was prescribed antibiotics, pain relief and – very importantly – a supersized dose of TLC from a devoted foster carer. 

Her treatment over nine months included 10 different medications and over 20 consultations with RSPCA vets.

While in care she gained a healthy 3kg, was desexed and had surgery to remove her damaged teeth.

Missy was booked in for specialist appointments to examine her leg injury and cataracts. She was prescribed steroid drops for her eyes, but unfortunately her leg was damaged beyond repair, as the injury was too old.

Amputation was an option, but the leg was not causing Missy any pain, and still provided some support while walking. Given these factors, as well as the risks associated with anaesthetic for an older dog, the decision was made not to proceed with surgery. 

This meant the time had come for Missy to find her fur-ever home. She didn’t have to look far, as foster carer Lisa had fallen head over heels for this sweet older girl.

Lisa officially adopted Missy this month, and the pair wasted no time enjoying some of Missy’s favourite pastimes: watching footy at the local park, taking long sniffy walks, and sunbaking at home.

Lisa and Missy share a very special bond, and have already been through a lot together.

“I fostered her early February, so when COVID-19 hit us all she was a godsend, as we took her out each day for our walks, fresh air and sunshine – just what we all needed,” Lisa said.

“I also had very bad news in April when my mum was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Missy was there for me to cuddle and stroke and when my mum passed away in May it was Missy who helped me get through the loss by taking her out for walks, stoking her and helping to take my mind off of my mum." 

Lisa said she couldn’t bear to think about how Missy had been treated in her previous home, and had an overwhelming urge to protect her.

“Missy is just a gentle soul and a great companion who deserves love,” she said.

My only wish would be that she was a younger girl so that I would get more time with her.”

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  • Jaime:

    22 Oct 2020 17:40:17

    Beautiful!! So glad she found a loving furever home. ❤️

  • Susannah Thomas:

    22 Oct 2020 19:33:34

    So happy for you both ❤️

  • Pat Riggio:

    07 Nov 2020 09:38:42

    How can people treat animals this way ,my 2 little dogs give me so much love and pleasure, though they think people only come to my place to visit them – not me!

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