Ever ask yourself how do I stop my dog barking?

Find out with a one-on-one assessment and follow-up training from qualified RSPCA Dog Trainers.

PAWsonal training sessions for your dog are designed to target common problems with dog behaviour – including reactivity, separation anxiety, excessive barking, or jumping on people. Learn ways to communicate with your dog to address unwanted behaviour, and positive techniques to reward good manners.

Classes are held in a location suitable for each common dog problem: we might come to your home to address excessive barking; or meet you in a local park if your dog is reactive to other dogs or people. Times and locations are based on your and your dog’s needs.

Your first personal dog training session will consist of a one-hour assessment followed by the first training session, so you and your dog can start to learn straight away.

  • How much does personal dog training cost? $130 an hour. Your first dog training session is 2 hours, allowing time for a thorough dog behaviour assessment, followed by a session working with the dog.
  • Where does RSPCA Personal Dog Training happen? A suitable location will be discussed based your dog’s issues.
  • Can any dog attend? RSPCA Personal dog training sessions are suitable for all dogs over 14 weeks who are up to date with their vaccinations.


           To book into a one-on-one training session please complete the following information and we will be in contact                                                                                           with you shortly to arrange a time.

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