Lachlan has an important message for summer pet care

Junior Ambassador, Lachlan Bolger, shares some important tips for pet care during Perth's warmer months. And it's not just about Dogs in Hot Cars...

Spencer goes to Vet Camp

For Christmas, Spencer's parents bought him a wonderful gift: a trip to NSW to take part in the Future Vet Kids Camp. This is a veterinary inspired school holiday program that only runs out of Sydney. It’s for children aged between 9-16 years, and encourages responsible pet ownership, fosters interest in careers in the veterinary profession and a love and appreciation for all animals and their habitats. 

Spencer made quite an impression everyone with his bubbly personality and passion for animal welfare, as well as his desire to become a vet. 

Spencer learned about pet CPR (pictured below with Rosie Poulson), grooming, genetic diseases, dog training, scent detection and got hands on with wildlife.

RSPCA WA Junior Ambassador Spencer Parrott practises pet CPR at Vet Camp
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A wrap-up of 2018 from Dean Morris, founder of GOSAC

Dean Morris, RSPCA WA Junior Ambassador and 2018 RSPCA WA Youth Award Winner, has put this great video together to thank his supporters, and to show what a difference they are making to help animals in need. We think Dean is a great inspiration, and is the living embodiment of what being a Junior Ambassador is all about.

Thank YOU, Dean, for all you do for animals in need!

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Dean Morris in the news

Junior Ambassador, and RSPCA WA Youth Award Winner, Dean Morris, was featured recently in the Mandurah Mail, talking about his animal welfare work and his organisation, GOSAC (click the picture to read the article):

"I have spoken to the Mandurah Mail about being an RSPCA WA Junior Ambassador and what it means to me. 

I hope it inspires other kids to strive to rescue animals and raise awareness."  - Dean Morris, GOSAC


If you know a young person who is going above and beyond to help animals, you can nominate them to be a Junior Ambassador - drop us a line.


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A Junior Ambassador’s Re-count of the Million Paws Walk 2016

From the second I opened my eyes, I knew it was the Million Paws Walk. I felt excited because I dreamed about the MPW the night before. I hopped out of bed and prepared for the big day!

First, we put Molly in the car, she bounded and then jumped into the black car. As we were driving it started to rain, the rain was so intense on the windows of the car. The traffic was so bad. 50% of the cars had dogs in them. We finally got to the MPW. We parked the car and walked to the event.

When we were let in, we saw hundreds and hundreds of hounds all great and small all the cute jaws.

The first person we saw was the glamourous Alex Cearns. She was so happy to see me. (She is the RSPCA WA Official Photographer).

Then we met the Honourable Kerry Sanderson (the Governor of WA). She was very easy to befriend. 

At the start line there were thousands of cute pooches waiting to start. Wait for it… “Who let the dogs out?” We had started! All the dogs were walking. A husky started us off. We were all walking. Molly was second starting but guess what happened? What was that you said? Yes you are right- Molly pulled us back! 

We walked 1 kilometre and then we had to turn around because I had to have breakfast and do my speech!

When I had finished my breakfast, I met up with Nat (the Education Team Boss) Then, I had to wait to do my speech. After a 6 minute wait Michael Shultz called Nat and I on to do my speech. In my speech I talked about The 5 Freedoms and what a spectacular job the RSPCA do for the animals. 

When I got off the stage I felt exhilarated with excitement and proudness! My family felt so very proud of me! 

My dad and I entered Molly in the waggiest tail competition. Molly was a bit stage frighty and was not very waggy.

Next some lovely Inspectors gave me a tour of their car which they drive in.

It finally came to the end of the day. I said goodbye to everyone. Then we went home and I dreamt about the MPW for days!

Thank you for reading my re-count,

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